New Door Ventures

New Door Ventures prepares at-risk youth for work and life. They provide skill-building, individual support and jobs that enable our youth to discover and achieve their potential. Their work is integral to their successful transition to healthy, sustainable adulthood. They aim to transform individuals who will in turn transform their communities..

About Us

Proof Baking

Five years ago, Mike had an Idea. Why not take his skill of baking bread and put it toward helping a local non-profit. He soon realized the perfect non-profit would be New Door Ventures. At first, Mike baked bread every Friday moring and biked down to Philz Coffee with the bread as soon as it came out of the oven. . At Philz, Mike would set up a table and give out bread and put out a donation cup. Today, he does a "Proof Baking Challenge" in the fall and winter, where he matches donations of $50 with a handmade loaf of bread delivered to your home or office. Contact us if you'd like to participate in the next challenge.